Peppermint Schnapps

The day dawned gray and cloudy and I despaired that we would see any sun at all. Then about 10 AM bright sunshine burned through the fog and the day was a beauty.

This lovely day was the day that our little girl, Peppermint Schnapps (aka Dackel Princess Christel) was leaving to go to her new home. When I woke and checked on the two puppies Schnapps and Curt, they were curled up sleeping and snuggled so closely.

Nov. 15 001

My heart sort of broke then as I realized that it really is over and the last of Greta’s puppies will leave in six days, but today Schnapps would be going home.

She picked up her head and looked at me and I smiled at her. I swear she smiled back, letting me know that I’d done a good job.

Nov. 15 Schnapps3

One things for sure, I have loved each and every pup that I have had in my home. Perhaps that is why, I shed a tear or two when they leave. On the other hand, and this is why I do this, when I see the new owners with their babies, well, it’s all worth it!!!

So we met Abigail for a wonderful lunch at a local restaurant (Thank you again Abigail!) before coming back to the house and doing the paperwork and getting everything ready.

I held the pups close and kissed them both.

Nov. 15 013

And then I passed Peppermint Schnapps to her new Mom,  who is so happy to finally have the baby pup of her dreams! It was a match made in Heaven!

Nov. 15 008

Makenna arrived in time to say good-bye to Schnapps.

Nov. 15 004

And then I kissed her one last time,

Nov. 15 010

and then they were gone. However, it won’t be forever, as Schnapps will be living in the southern part of our state.

The house is very quiet tonight with just one lone pup in the puppy room. We decided to work on his house training so we can have him with us as much as possible. He is bright and going wee-wee when I take him out, so I’ve had him playing in my lap and sitting with me. Arnie, however is very jealous! This is a surprise, but apparently he likes being Mama’s only dackel boy!

Curt is asleep in his bed now and hopefully will do okay in the night. 3 dackels in bed with me is enough! There is not room for another! Really. There isn’t. No, no, no……..well……

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  1. How long was it before there were four dackels in your bed? It is so hard to see them go, but Schnaps has a mom that looks like she loves her already. You have been a wonderful mother. 🙂

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