It’s My Birthday

I started to write about my feelings of depression at now being officially over the hill. But the last few days I have felt so alive, so vital and so very happy that I do not care in the least what number happens to be attached to my profile. Life! Yes, life is good, my family and friends are well and I am a happy and blessed woman.

Here is a short montage of me with my loved ones as I look back over the last 51 years!

20 thoughts on “It’s My Birthday”

  1. Wait. Why didn’t my birthday alarm remind me of your birthday? OMG! I feel so ashamed.
    Happy Birthday, Maribeth and all the very best to you. You’re a wonderful lady!

  2. Happy Birthday!!! It is also my daughters birthday, so great day. Have fun and be safe!! Age is only a number and I have 3 yrs on you.. LOL.

    God Bless~
    Debbie Jean

  3. Happy Birthday Maribeth!! Too bad the package won´t arrive today, but it is in the mail.
    Hope you enjoy your day and let hubby spoil you! 🙂

  4. When you’re done with this, come on over and see my birthday letter to Maribeth…with fresh (and I DO mean fresh!) pictures from yesterday!!!

    Happy Birthday dear cousin 🙂

  5. Dear, Maribeth – Happy Birthday! Let me first sing the song for you, in Norwegian of course:

    Gratulerer med da’n,
    Gratulerer med da’n,
    kjære Maribeth
    Gratulerer med da’n!

    You are the very best example of my saying: Blogging Connecting People – and even more; Connecting with wonderful people!
    I’ve been reading your blog for 3 or 4 years and with pleasure. I love your personal style, your honesty and the way you share your life – with its up and down (just like life is) – and of course the dogs and the puppies, your travel and cruises and food (love your jam, you know!) and also have noticed you love seafood (wish I could serve you lobster and champagne today!)
    Typically you; you also care for your friend – visit and comment – thanks for taking your time and for your always positive feedback.

    Now there is one thing left when it comes to perfect connections, and that is to meet up – face to face. Even that will be fulfilled soon too, when we meet at the Oslo Blog Gathering in August next year. Diane and I can hardly wait to give you a big hug, the Viking way!

    Thanks for the vid sharing some wonderful moments of your life too – and many more to come 🙂

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