My Day

I woke early on Wednesday and after walking the dogs and making the coffee I dressed and made breakfast to take with me to Weight Watchers. I weighed in and lost one pound!

It always amazes me how quickly the weight goes on, and how very slowly it comes off!!!

I stayed for the meeting despite the fact that they eye was bothering me, and then I picked up Hubby’s laptop computer, now free of all viruses, and then drove back to my home town. It was then I did something important.

I registered to run for Library Trustee!

It was exciting for me and I was happy as I signed the document that will put my name on the ballot. I love my job at the Library and I hope I will win the election.

I had a meeting with a community group that helps the poor and those kids that need direction in their lives. It was my first meeting with them, but I was impressed and have decided to join the organization.

I came home and hoped that my eye would calm down, but Hubby says it looks red and sore. I took some medication to help the pain, but so far, it hasn’t helped at all. Rats!

I hadn’t been home long when the snow started…again. Not much, but enough to make the roads slick. I know it is just January, but I keep wondering…will spring ever come?

And lastly, I have exciting news. My grand-puppy, Bogart is coming to spend 10 days with grandma!  He will be here in February! I am so pleased to have the time with this little guy. There will be a lot of pictures!

Have a great day everyone!!!

6 thoughts on “My Day”

  1. Take care of that eye Maribeth, I think you need to take it easy for a day or two.
    Congrats on registering for the Library Trustee!

  2. I would say the word which starts with sh..and ends with a T, concerning your eye !! Hope it calmed down by now ! What a good idea to work in the library and help poor kids. I too have enough of winter especially that now it’s raining, sigh !

  3. Oh that’s exciting that Bogie is coming back to visit for awhile! How COOL! Do you think he’ll remember you? I bet he does! That’s great!

    Sorry your eye is still bothering you! I pray for your healing… Good luck on the election! Can I vote for you???

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