You Will Not Believe This!

Do you all remember last spring when my old laptop computer died just as the warranty on it had expired? I was told that nothing could be done. The computer was dead. However I was told that the hard drive was fine, it was a memory chip problem. I thought that in time I would have the hard drive put into an external box to use for back up.

But when I got my new laptop, I just forgot the old one until the other day when Hubby’s laptop became infected with viruses. I was still pretty angry at how I had been treated at the old computer repair shop, so I had taken Hubby’s computer to a place in the next town owned by a husband and wife. I call them my computer wizards!

They not only repaired Hubby’s virus laden machine, but when I brought in my old laptop to have the hard drive turned into an external hard drive, they looked it over and found the problem!

Here is the long and short of it: the laptop had TWO memory chips, but the old shop apparently had never even discovered the second one!

So my computer wizards replaced the chip, cleaned the hard drive and reloaded all my information! My old laptop is new again!

Hubby was skiing while I was doing the computer stuff, but he picked me up at their shop, and we went to the big city and had lunch. It was so nice to sit quietly and share a meal with Hubby. Afterward, we went over to LL Bean (my second favorite shop), as I had a bunch of coupons. Hubby found a pair of jeans, and I found a lambs wool pea coat that fits me perfectly! It was also marked down from $200.00 to $39.87. Now I had great coupons and a special promotion, so our grand total for all items was $7.29!

Yes, I am the Queen of discount shopping!

Then I realized that I had lost my much loved blue scarf. I remembered taking it off in the restaurant we had lunch in, so we went back and there it was! Now I would like to make a scarf to go with my new coat.

Had I known what l was about to face at home, I would have jumped out of the car! But in my ignorance, I came home with a smile on my face, feeling happy to have gone out for the first time since my eye operation.

We opened the door to the house and were overcome with the horrific smell of poop. Now one thing you should know about me is that I do not do poop well. In fact I am still shocked that I raised two children and changed diapers without totally losing it!

We found a small amount in the office and cleaned that up, thinking that it was all there was. However, my nose told me otherwise. I tracked it down to our formal living room, and it was there that we found that Fritz, our White German Shepherd, had decorated my beautiful leather sofa in grand fashion! Oh my goodness, I have never seen such a mess! I know I will have nightmares about this for years to come!

I had Hubby get me my Big Green Clean Machine, and I started to clean up. It took me over 1 hour to clean it up. Of course, the scent lingers, so I have two candles burning to help dissipate the smell.

I decontaminated myself in the shower, and Hubby made dinner. Somehow I had lost my desire for food, something that almost never happens.

Fritz is looking quite guilty and yet sorry for what he has done. I’m considering allowing him to remain as a member as our family.

The dachshunds think we should pack his things and put him out on the road.

11 thoughts on “You Will Not Believe This!”

  1. Fritz must be ill or something…I’ve never seen you post anything like this about him.

    Congratulations on finding a great repair shop. Some days I wonder if it is all worth it, but then I remember the sweet people I’ve met since I started blogging.

  2. Oh dear. The only time our dog has done that has been when she once at (we didn’t know this at the time) bad onions out of the trash. We didn’t know that onions are poison to dogs, and bad ones, well….you can guess the rest. I felt guilty as I scrubbed and gagged…. She was so sad and sick. She stayed outside for quite awhile that day, it was warm and not too hot and she wanted to be out there. A nice shade tree, a big bowl of water, a bed, and lots and lots of space.

  3. Well, Yeah to the coat and the lunch and shopping! Boo to the doggie doo and clean up! That sounds perfectly nasty!!
    I hope today is better! Love YOU, Mel

  4. Oh my gosh! I’m not sure which not to believe MORE – the ASTOUNDING deals at LL Bean or Fritz pooping on the couch! I’m with AmberStar – I think he must have not been feeling well…

    As for the computer… THAT doesn’t surprise me at all! Half the fixit people out there don’t have a CLUE! So, I’m glad you found some that DO! 🙂

  5. I hate to say it sounds good but Rosco just decided 3 days ago to poop in the house. I don’t understand why and its been months since he’s had an accident. Its not cold now so its not that. He didn’t have accidents when it was 10 degrees, which of course was what I expected. He waits until its 50+ outside to poop inside. Little bugger

  6. Poor poor Fritz ! it must have been awful for him that he “had to go” and nobody was there to open the door ! Humans too sometimes don’t make it to the toilet ! The three little once should shut up, it can happen to them too !
    I have no problems with cleaning up poop, but Mr. G, he starts to vomit, lol !! Must have been a nice scenery in your home, would have loved to be a mouse with a gaz mask !

  7. Ugh! That sounds awful! Such a sight after such a good day! Double shock…
    I hope Fritz is not sick or something.
    I love that you got such good deals. That feels good, doesn´t it!

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