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At 7:02 this morning the temperature here was 4 degrees (F) with 55 mile an hour winds! Yeah, it was cold! So I got on the computer and sent a Twitter message to our local weatherman and about a half an hour later he mentioned that “Dackel Princess in ***** New Hampshire, reported in with 55 mile an hour winds and 4 degree weather!”

I’m such a kid, really. I was so excited that I jumped up and down and started screaming! “That’s Me!” And the only one here to witness this were the dogs!

Jan 29 09 002

Here is Greta witnessing the great event!

Before we knew it, it was time to drive over to the doctor’s office for my eye exam. I was nervous due to the fact that I am a born worrier. I was also concerned because I needed to step up and let my doctor know that I needed him to talk to me, and not rush me through my appointment.

Hubby drove me because of the high winds and blowing snow, and I was glad that he did. We chit-chatted all the way over and I felt pretty relaxed. I’d brought my computer with me because the last time I went I learned that the hospital now has free WiFi! So instead of reading 3 year old magazines, I sat and read my email, sent a message on Facebook, and surfed the web.

Finally I was called for my appointment and I must say I was very happy at the end. I felt I really connected with my doctor, and the news on my recently detached retina was good. It’s recovering right on schedule. My left eye (which had a detached retina 7 years ago), has been diagnosed with a macular pucker (also known as Epiretinal Membrane, ERM). In time I will need to have this membrane removed, and I should retain some if not most of my vision in that eye! He said I would probably need glasses for the rest of my life, but who cares? As long as I can see!

We drove home in the cold, talking and listening to the radio, and as soon as I got home I started a fire in the hearth. Oh how lovely that has been. Warm, bright and nice. At one time or another all the dackels have been in front of it. Fritz, who is afraid of fires, is hiding in the mud room bathroom.

Tonight is the Wolf Full Moon. I got on my coat, hat, scarf and gloves and went out and took pictures. It is lovely.

Jan 29 09 005

So my day was a good one, and it is ending nicely as well, despite the 50 mile an hour winds that continue to blow. Tonight I feel relaxed, happy and at peace.

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  2. SO Happy about your eyes!!! I took a few moon pictures too. One came out with multiple images. It was so beautiful! Happy COLD Saturday. Love YOU, Mel

  3. Youpee ! that’s good news ! and as you say who cares about glasses there are so nice once nowadays. I wear glasses since an eternity because I can’t imagine to put lenses in my eyes. When I read “today is Wolf Full Moon” I thought you would go out to howl with the wolfs and not for taking pictures ! Your moon picture came out very nice !

  4. Wasn’t that moon spectacular! I don’t know the difference between a WOLF full moon and a full moon – but I know a PRETTY moon! And it was!

    I’m glad to hear that your eye is going to be MOSTLY okay. That is good news indeed! Many of us will wear glasses for the rest of our lives, so that really is no biggie! I’m thankful glasses exist!

    It is snowing here today – and now I’m thankful we do NOT have 50 mph winds to go with it! 😉

  5. Great news on your eyes. At first I thought you were going to say you went outside and howled at the moon with joy! lol

  6. Glad to hear your trip to the Eye Dr went well! And, I’m glad you felt you were able to talk to the Dr, especially about something as important as your eyes!

    I just had to comment that I love the picture of Greta witnessing the big event – my mini LH teckel gives me that exact same look – makes me laugh every time :o)

  7. What great news – was worrying you know, since I red at your Facebook that you would go there today!

    Btw: Twitter You; I would have been jumping up and down too!!!

    The same full moon in Norway you know, and since it’s just passed midnight, I was hoping to take a pic but cloudy 🙁

    Btw: -10C and quite a lot of snow in Oslo.

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