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I woke in the night and the dogs took advantage of the situation, by getting me up to take them out. It was -4 degrees (F) and so I did not even bother to go out with them. I just opened the door and they ran out. Moments later, they ran back in! I hadn’t doubted that for a minute.

We all went back to bed and as I lay on my side Anneliese came up and settled herself under my chin.  I did snuggle with Anneliese and she was very sweet. She fell back asleep and I could feel her soft, even, breaths and a few times she sighed in her sleep. It was very sweet. It is times like that, that I understand why I have all these dogs. Each one, in their own special way, brings such love into our home.

Naturally, I could not get back to sleep. I just lay there and listened to Hubby and the dogs all making their sleeping noises. It was peaceful and nice. Unfortunately I couldn’t join in their sleeping! I was up at 6 with a mug of coffee in hand.

The day was beautiful, but very cold. I felt badly for the fishermen who are currently up for the annual Ice Fishing Derby!

Jan 30 09 002

Jan 30 09 004

Last year our neighbor won, both first and second place. A new fishing boat on a trailer and an All Terrain Vehicle! Woo-hoo!

Here is this years tote board. This is where they weigh in and hang the leader’s fish. The event lasts until tomorrow. Hopefully there will be bigger fish than what you see here.

Jan 30 09 007

I worried that we wouldn’t have as many people come out this year due to  the extreme cold, but they are all out in their long underwear and snow suits! Many bring their “Bob Houses”,

Jan 30 09 009

so they can get in out of the cold, but some just drive their trucks right out on to the ice. I’m not sure I would be brave enough for that!

Jan 30 09 006

The kids love it because they can bring down their ice skates and practice their hockey moves. I always love to watch the kids!

Jan 30 09 005

I have to thank Hubby for these photographs. I am really bothered by the cold. It just gets to me. Hubby is not bothered as much, so off he went. Thanks, Honey for all the pictures.

One year it was 30 degrees (F) and just perfect for a walk out on the lake. I went with my old doggy Shubi and we walked all through town going from one lake to the next. Shubi found a little fish on the ground and she picked it up and wouldn’t put it down. All the fishermen laughed at the little wire-haired dackel with the fish sticking out of her mouth! Shubi really did love fish! Here she is with another fish.

April 25 002

She was my first wire-haired dackel and what a girl she was. It’s hard to believe she has been gone for almost four years. It was, after all, Shubi that made me love dackels.

6 thoughts on “Dogs, Fish & Memories”

  1. I would like to try ice fishing ONE time! IF I had one of those little bob houses to go in and get warm! And it was NOT negative temperatures out! LOL! I really do love to fish – and it has been waaaaaaaaaaay too long since I’ve done any!

  2. What an event ! I would have loved to see it, although I don’t like the cold. But well wrapped up if the sun is shining it’s OK. I had to laugh about your “listening to the sleeping noises” My cats snore !!! not to talk about Mr. G. But Arthur is a big snorer and I have to kick him because he snores so loud. Like a human !

  3. Thanks to you’re hubby for taking this photos – what a great ice fishing event! As far as I could see, there was very little snow on the lake and I thought you had quite a lot?

    Happy Sunday and a great week head 🙂

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