Who Is Who?

I’ve been enjoying my little grand-puppy. He is relaxed and easy going and such a little charmer. There have been no accidents in the house, and he rings his little bell when he wants to go outside. Now, he rang it about 200 times today, and we took him out each time……I think he should be dehydrated!

Anneliese took over this morning as his mother. I was amazed because it was rather sudden. They were all on the floor chewing on toys and then Anneliese and Bogey started to play. They ran around chasing each other and then she stopped and pinned him down and started to clean his ears! After that she kept an eye on him and one time when Arnie got a little too rough with Bogey, she turned and chased Arnie away! What a good Mommy she still is!

My only problem is that I am having trouble telling the boys apart! I know that this sounds silly, but really, they look that much alike! Look at this picture and you tell me, who is who?

Feb 5 10 011

All day I have been looking down and speaking to them and nine times out of ten, I was wrong. In fact, the bell rang, I went to the door, put on my coat and latched the leash onto Bogey and went outside. I was walking along when Bogey lifted his leg and I realized he’d lifted it much higher than before. That’s when I noticed the collar! I didn’t have Bogey I had Arnie!

Everyone has settled in now and they all are getting along as though Bogey had never left the house. I’m really glad it is working out so well.

Oh, and if you are wondering, Bogey is on the left and Arnie on the right!


Here we are watching TV. Bogey, Greta, Anneliese and Arnie.

6 thoughts on “Who Is Who?”

  1. I need to catch up or something…I’m lost on why Bogey is back. I thought Arnie was on the right of the picture. That dog looked like the “old age and treachery” one 🙂 Stay warm and safe this weekend.

  2. They look like real twins ! I could never see who is who. I also read about Bogey arrived, what an amazing thing with the bell ! that’s absolutely great ! I have to tell that my friend Chantal who has two dogs !

    I feel better now because Rosie is better today. She didn’t eat my (with love) cooked chicken liver, but her normal can food, she jumps again and did bite Mr. G. who for once was very happy about that. lol !

  3. Love, Love, Love the pictures! And if you can’t tell them apart than I don’t feel bad that I couldn’t!! LOL!
    Have a good day! Love YOU, Mel

  4. Love the pics!

    I guessed right on the picture with them together, but it was tough-had to look at it for a while before I figured it out. Arnie has the older face, but just at a glance, I totally understand why you’re having problems!

  5. I honestly thought it was Arnie on the left – because the dog on the left looks older. Looks like he might be getting a little white in his beard… not quite as shiny. But I guess it’s my imagination!

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