Anneliese & Bogey

We had the dogs out for a play session in the back yard. Oh, does Bogey love to run and play with his Mommy, Anneliese! He is fast and so is she. They love to romp outside chasing each other, or catching their toy balls, but most of all Bogey loves to chase a blowing leaf! In fact he sits by our sliding glass doors and watches everything outside. If he gets bored there, he goes and sits up on the back of the sofa so he can watch outside the front of the house.

I think it is safe to say that while Bogey’s Mommy and Daddy were on vacation, so was he! I’ve loved having him here, and it is so much better than a kennel. He can come any time he wants for a few days with us!

Today I noticed him sleeping in the puppy bed that he had once shared with his brothers and sisters. Here he is with his brother Baron and sister, Baerbel when they were about 8 weeks old.

June 30 09 Baron Baerbel Bogart15

Here he is today, all by himself. He now fills the bed!

Feb 10 Bogey1

We had more playing before Bogey and Anneliese settled down together on the sofa. It’s really been a beautiful thing, watching mother and son bond again.

Feb 10 Bogey and Anneliese5

Feb 10 Bogey and Anneliese7

Just a few more days now until his Mom & Dad come home and pick him up. I think we are going to miss this little guy!

2 thoughts on “Anneliese & Bogey”

  1. I love the video and Bogey looks so cute in his old bed. He’s looking at you with one eye open!
    I think he’s had a wonderful vacation! Love YOU, Mel

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