Snow & Batteries

We had about 5 inches of snow overnight on Tuesday. Hubby was wonderful and cleared the drive so I could get out to Weight Watchers. I hate to miss a meeting. After the meeting I went out, got into my car and…nothing. Dead battery! Thankfully I had my cell phone and my AAA card. So I called the auto club, and within a few short minutes the mechanic arrived and started the Jeep. He told me not to shut it down for a bit, so the battery would naturally charge.

So I drove home, grabbed some things to mail, and then went to the Post Office and the Library before returning home. I’d tested the battery by shutting the car off and then attempting to turn it on, and found that although it was turning slowly, I could start the car.

Later on Hubby determined that one cell in the battery is most likely dead and we will need a new battery for the Jeep.

Anneliese loved the snow and I snapped a couple of pictures of her.

Feb 17 10 003

Feb 17 10 004

Feb 17 10 007

I’m not sure who is cuter in the snow. Kids or dogs? Perhaps they are both adorable! I know I just love to watch Anneliese, Arnie and Fritz play in the white stuff. It makes me smile and laugh. Greta, of course, feels that she is too old and too dignified for that sort of play.

Have a good day everyone!

5 thoughts on “Snow & Batteries”

  1. That it the cutest little white covered snout on the planet! LOL! I like to watch Jewl frolic in the snow too! She is CRAZED by it!

    Glad you made it home on your battery! Whew! That was close!

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