Wally, Greta’s son from this last litter passed away today. We were so saddened to hear of this. I sat down looking at his baby pictures and put together this montage. Rest well in God’s arms, dear Wally! You were greatly loved and will be sorely missed.

14 thoughts on “Wally”

  1. You were both in my prayers-I was os hopeful. But he is there with all of our “girls” and will folic happily with them. My heart goes out to you. Carol

  2. What a tragedy. Poor little peanut…
    I hope you’re doing alright Maribeth, there is nothing you could have done to prevent this.

  3. Maribeth,
    I’m so sorry. What a week for loss. Dr. John of Dr. John’s Fortress passed the 16th, I think. My friend PJ lost one of her cats that was from a litter a stray had at her house. And now Wally. The world is a tiny bit sadder today with the loss of these little ones. *hug*

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