Girls Day!

Saturday was girls day! I met up with my daughter, Mandy and my cousin Janet for a luncheon date and some serious girl chatting! I arrived first at my cousin’s condo and the two of us talked and I snuggled with her two dogs. I got this picture of her Shiba Inu, Wolf.

March 13 10 007

Wolf and I have a thing going. He loves me and I love him and his soft fur. Janet warned me about how much he sheds, and I was amazed at how much fur he left on my slacks! But I didn’t care. He was really sweet with me. So was Janet’s other dog, Max. Unfortunately I didn’t get a picture of him. I hope the one of me with the two dogs that Janet took comes out!

Janet took us to a Great restaurant in Lowell called “Life Alive”.

I had “The Innocent”, a fusion of delectably nutritious flavorings forming a savory sauce for steamed sweet corn, shredded carrots, broccoli and tamari roasted almonds all served over light and protein rich quinoa and short grain brown rice.

March 13 10 016

Mandy had the same but added some cashews, apples and carrots.

March 13 10 018

And Janet had “The Goddess”, a nurturing blend of smoked tofu, short grain brown rice, steamed carrots, beets, broccoli, and dark greens surrounded by our zesty Ginger Nama Shoyu dressing.

March 13 10 017

I also decided to order some tea. I was glancing over their teas when Something caught my eye.

March 13 10 009

Yerba Mate was recently written about on my friend Betty’s Blog, A Glimpse Into Midlife! Just two days ago she had written about this tea, so I knew I had to try it. It was wonderful and I really enjoyed it! Thanks for sharing the information about Yerba Mate, Betty!!

We ate our lunches and talked the entire time, we sipped our teas and enjoyed each others company. I really think we need to have these “Girls Days” more often. It was so much fun! Here I am with Mandy at the restaurant.

March 13 10 021

After lunch we went back to Janet’s and had some coffee and dessert. All too soon it was time to say goodbye, and head home. I hugged Mandy and Janet and said my good-byes.

March 13 10 024

The ride home was something else! It was pouring rain and windy. I drove slowly and carefully, and I made it home in good time.  However at one point the wind picked up and blew the car all over the place. It was just a bit scary!

Now I am sitting here with all three dachshunds asleep around me and Fritz at my feet. I am so happy to have such a loving family and loving pets too!

7 thoughts on “Girls Day!”

  1. What fun! I´m glad you had such a good time and the food looks delicious! Thanks for the link to my post. What a coincidence to see that tea the day after I write about it, huh? I´m glad you liked it!

  2. I love girls days ! and yours must have been so nice. The food looks great and very healthy ! and the dog is adorable, he looks like a cuddle toy. I have once a week a girls day which we call our “Goat day” because all three myself, Ilona and Chantal are goats in chinese astrology, . We make a turn, next week it will be at Ilona’s place. With them I also went to Egypt and Morocco.

  3. Oh, and thanks for the Heavenly Jam and the grape jelly! I made coffee cake with some of the jam this morning…figured I’d take some with me tomorrow.

  4. Sounds like you gals had a SUPER time — and I am so jealous that you got to try Yerba Mate!!! But how COOL is that! I gotta find some…

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