It’s Official

Our spring is far ahead of the usual ones that we have here in Central New Hampshire. Our fruit trees are starting to open their blossoms, which is a concern, as we do not want to lose, what could be a wonderful crop of fruit.

I went walking with Hubby, Fritz and the dackels today in the yard to look at the beautiful trees. The cherry tree is loaded with blossoms and a few more warm, sunny days and we will be overcome with their delicate blooms.

April 13 10 005

Aren’t these just the most beautiful thing?

April 13 10 006

We also noted that a peach tree is about to start with their lovely blossoms.

April 13 10 007

I do so love spring. I love everything, but the pollen! As we walked around the trees I started sneezing and couldn’t stop. I need to find a good allergy medication!


This evening was my Library Trustee meeting. I substituted for the regular Secretary, who was out with a severe cold. Since this was our first regular meeting since the Town Elections they had the Election of Officers. I was asked to be the new Secretary for the Trustees.

I accepted, but I am very nervous about doing the job correctly. I hope I can do a good job for the coming year. So now it is official. I am an officer on the Trustee Board.

Isn’t it amazing how life can change so quickly for you? A year ago, I would never have thought I would be involved in all the things I am.

But, it does feel good!


5 thoughts on “It’s Official”

  1. OTC Zyrtec works weel for us but makes me drowsy. And you will be an excellent secretary-givle yourself credit. Love the spring pictures-absolutely beautiful.

  2. Spring is my most favorite, favorite season. Everything comes to life again with God’s most beautiful burst of color here in Indiana! My forsithya are gone now, but my pink dogwood is starting to bloom. My redbuds and crab apple are sporting the most color I have ever seen. I do miss my cherry tree and my Japanese cherry trees in Virginia. God is good~~~~~~

  3. I can´t wait to see those trees in full bloom. You´ll have to make more pics. I love the blue skies in the background too.
    Congrats on becoming the new Secretary. You´ll do a great job!

  4. It’s good to be involved … keeps ya outta trouble! (or not…) (tends to keep me IN trouble!) I envy you those trees!

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