Sunday was an absolutely beautiful day! The sun shone, the skies were bright, bright blue, without even a cloud. Although it was windy, I simply did not care because everything else made it so lovely.

Hubby had to go in to work, and so I decided to do the grocery shopping, get dog food, and check out a few items on my want list.

The groceries were fun because I had the new MP3 player to keep me company. I simply danced my way through the grocery store. I refrained from singing as I know how bad people sound when they sing while their ears are plugged up. Even the best singer cannot hold a tune when they can’t hear themselves.

On my way home, while I enjoyed the clear air and the scene before me. Mountains and fields. I suddenly realized how hungry I was and how late it was getting. I swung the car into McDonald’s and got a salad for a quick lunch.

It felt good to just eat something quickly, so that when I was done, I could put the groceries away and play with the dogs a bit.

I also planted the peas in the garden and watered the seeds. Hubby instructed me to get this done today before he left for work. Mission accomplished!

To reward myself for all of this work, I bought Lobsters at the grocery store for dinner, along with corn on the cob and potatoes for baking! Of course it doesn’t hurt when the beautiful Maine Lobsters are only $4.99 a pound!


This great picture is thanks to my cousin Janet.

Let’s see, what is my favorite food? Dark yummy chocolate or Lobster? That is a tough one folks. I’ve been leaning toward Lobster lately!

The weekend is over and a new week is starting. A busy week too. I have a few things going on, that I will share with you all very soon!

Until then, Happy Monday everyone!!!

8 thoughts on “Lob-stah!”

  1. We had lovely Sunday weather too, but as I still have the “left overs” of my bronchitis and have to take antibiotics, I was careful and stayed inside. Now way of Sunday shopping here, besides markets on Sunday mornings all stores, shops etc are closed !

  2. Yummy! Although I am not as huge a fan of Lobster as I once was. I love shrimp more! Have a good Monday! Love YOU, Mel

  3. I´m always amazed when people go grocery shopping on Sunday´s, since our stores are all closed on Sunday´s. Even in Asuncion and other cities in this country. Sunday is a day of rest. I like it that way.
    Your lobster sounds delicious. I wish I could try it someday.

  4. I like dark chocolate – it is my favorite chocolate … but it could not even THINK about comparing to LOBSTER!!! WE had (frozen) Lobster TAILS on sale for $5.99/ea. this week. I got 4 of them and plan to make something – probably a pasta dish with them. NOT the same as FRESH Maine Lobster… *sigh*… I’m jealous!

  5. Yummmmmmmmmm! Lobster is really a summer food here but as you have seen we enjoy it on New Years Eve as well. This looks tempting, may have to get some soon!

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