I was amazingly busy today. In fact between all my running around doing errands and Hubby working, we didn’t actually meet to catch up with each other until early evening. Since Hubby retired back in 1998 I have gotten used to the sameness of our days. Meals made at certain times, errands run together, so it is quite odd to be back in a relationship where he is working full time and I am keeping the home fires burning.

It feels strange and at times a little lonely. Lonely until I look around and realize I am surrounded by 4 happy and healthy dogs.

Today was also a beautiful day. The temperatures soared to the upper 70’s and the sun shone and there was almost no wind at all. Just perfect.

Hubby got home and I served up the dinner, and after we ate I looked out the front window and saw this.

May 17 10 001

The pictures help to convey the beauty, but really it is hard to get the bright colors, isn’t it? Still, the sun continued to go down and the sunset just got prettier and prettier.

May 17 10 003

Until finally, the brightest fiery red blazed across the sky.

May 17 10 005

It somehow seemed the perfect way to end this day

8 thoughts on “Sunsets”

  1. I´m with Steffi, when did your hubby start to work again? I missed that.
    The sunset pics are stunning!! Such a striking red, I´ve seldom seen it that color.

  2. This sunset is absolutely breathtaking !
    Jack is working for the moment ? I must have missed something. That sure is a changement.

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