Last Day

Today was the last day for me in Berlin. We took the S-Bahn into Potsdamer Platz and enjoyed the afternoon. My feet were aching before we even opened the door to leave, so we knew that a lot of walking was not in order. Some, yes, but a lot, no.

June 11 011

We started fairly late, so when we arrived we went right to lunch. Volker and I both had wonderful Wiener Schnitzel,

June 11 010

and Uschi had Zander, a type of Pike Fish.

It was all very delicious, and we enjoyed the wonderful meal! However after that Uschi and I insisted we walk to burn off all the calories. I’m afraid I would have had to walk to the USA and back to burn up all the calories I consumed, but I did mention a hasty return to Weight Watchers on Wednesday.

June 11 013

Me with a Lego giraffe!

June 11 019

Uschi and I with our Healthy strawberry Sundays!

June 11 020

Volker with his berry delight treat!

We walked around Potsdamer Platz shopping area, and I got several cute camisole tops and a few presents for people back home. We even stopped for the requisite gelato and fruit!

June 11 015

I love Berlin!

Soon my feet were really barking at me so we decided to head home. We got here just before dinner time and once we got the dogs settled, we went over to our friend, Sybille’s house for “girls night”. Oh what fun it was to enjoy some time with just the girls! Thank you again, Sybille!

We arrived home and I finished my packing, walked Anneliese, and now I am preparing for bed. After all, tomorrow I get up very early, fly all day long, and get home very late! I will be awake nearly 24 hours upon my arrival.

Hubby, get my bed ready! I’m coming home!

7 thoughts on “Last Day”

  1. YOU were hard to find behind that Giraffe! hehehe he was pretty bright. Looks like great snitzel, I know the fish as well. We have both dishes in Norway as a lot of the food is similar here to German. Looks like you had a lovely time. I do hope your trip home goes smoothly. See you soon πŸ˜‰

  2. It looks like a great time in Berlin (are you also “a Berliner” now? πŸ˜† ). I haven’t been there in years so you’re post have taken me down the memory lane.

    Have a nice and safe trip home!

  3. Maribeth,
    I’m so glad I met you. We may never meet irl, but I feel I know you.

    Beautiful tribute to your daughter. *hug*

    What fun you had in Germany! The fruit looks wonderful.
    I wonder what people in Europe think of all the warm weather they have experienced lately. It seems every year there is somewhere over there that is so hot! It is like that here ‘most all the time. πŸ™‚

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