Shrek Feet

Okay, I know I have pretty ugly feet. I accepted this long ago. With feet, there is not much you can do about it either. Just cover them up and hope that no one asks to see them, and that your partner doesn’t break off the relationship when he or she does!

Why am I bringing up feet right now, when all my thoughts should be surrounding Anneliese and our trip to Germany?

June 10 002

I woke up yesterday morning with “Shrek Feet”!

shrek the third SPLASH

See the similarities?

It has been unmercifully hot here in Berlin. Last night when I went to bed it was nearly 90 degrees just in my room and not much cooler outside! So, yesterday morning when I woke up and my two feet looked like meatloaves, I was more than a little concerned.

I decided I needed water. I drank and drank, but noticed that the liquid was just staying put. Uschi and I went to the Apotheke and spoke to the Pharmacist who gave me an all natural fluid pill. Eventually I should get rid of the fluid. (and so far they seem to be working)

We came back home, I drank a ton of liquid and took my pill. Then we both sat with our feet up and watched TV.

June 10 005

Even Anneliese came out for a while. Uschi’s dog Noah, went outside under the sprinkler, so until he dried off, he was kept out of the house. Anneliese didn’t mind that at all!

June 10 006

In fact on this trip, Anneliese has made herself right at home. She loves her Uncle Volker and her Auntie Uschi, and considers their furniture, her furniture!

June 10 007

Yesterday we also went to a discount shoe store and bought a pair of sandals for the trip home. I still cannot get my puffy feet into my shoes, so velcro sandals to the rescue!

On my last day here, we are going in to Potsdamer Platz. It is a wonderful area to shop around, and most of it is well shaded. I am taking Uschi and Volker out for a meal today and Potsdmer Platz has many nice restaurants there. If Uschi’s and my feet hold up, we may walk around the Tiergarten and enjoy the sights. If our feet give out, we will have Volker drive us back home.

It is hard to believe that my time in Berlin is at an end. I so enjoy spending time with Uschi and her family, and going to the beautiful places in this country! Germany will always be my second home!

10 thoughts on “Shrek Feet”

  1. Hahaha ! poor you ! I call this elephant feet ! Ric has it quiet often when it’s very hot. I think Shrek’s feet are cute. Time is flying by so fast, so your holidays are coming to an end. I was feeling sad for a couple of days, my holidays had been so wonderful. But there will be a next time ! Now I am back to the daily routine !

  2. I get those after a transatlantic trip…that’s why I take now the aisle to move around! Hope you feel well soon, enjoy your last hours in Germany. Und gute Reise!

  3. That looks pretty bad. I hope it´s not too uncomfortable. Good thing you´re taking care of yourself.
    Have a good last day!!

  4. Ohhhhh that is some SERIOUS swelling! I HATE when that happens… and it’s so painful! My feet used to do that EVERY day when I was subbing… and I was heavy. It doesn’t happen though as long as I exercise and eat right. I do swell more with the heat though… and I hate THAT too! WHY does that happen? I sure hope it goes away and you are able to enjoy the end of your trip…

  5. Wow! Those are some swollen feet, Mom! Hope they are getting better, and that you have had a great trip!

    Love you lots,


  6. So you have Shrek feet for a day, what a wonderful time you have had. Will call when you get home.

  7. Well, heavy sightseeing really can make strange things to your feet… I got very strange blisters, in very strange places under my feet when we were in Vienna last year and it was hot weather…..

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