Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell

I’ve always lived by the motto of “don’t ask, don’t tell”, when it comes to the subject of my weight.  Hubby has always sort of respected the limits of this, knowing that there are certain things that a man simply doesn’t ask a woman, like her real age, her real weight and her real hair color.

This morning, Hubby came into our bedroom while I was getting dressed. I was trying to zip up a pair of jean shorts, and although I could get the zipper up, I was unable to breathe. So I (literally) peeled them off and put on another pair of shorts, all the while, Hubby stood watching me.

“It won’t be long until these fit me again” I said optimistically.

And that’s when he did it. He asked that fateful question.

“How much do you weigh now, anyway?”

I answered him honestly, after all, I got weighed in yesterday at Weight Watchers and I know exactly how much I weigh, and there was no fudging the truth! Well, that’s when he actually started to make a few choice remarks about my weight. Like, about how I must have eaten a lot of good German food and enjoyed plenty of beers when I went to Germany.

Gentlemen, I am telling you now, this is truly dangerous territory.

I turned and asked him if he was the “fat police”!

One thing about Hubby, he’s really bright. He smiled and winked and left our bedroom before I could throw a shoe at him!

I’m glad I’m back on my weight loss plan, because the above situation could have a turned out differently. You could be reading about the justifiable homicide of a husband who asked his wife about her weight, as he was prying a double fudge brownie out of her hands when she snapped!

Now that really would be a tragedy, wouldn’t it?

12 thoughts on “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”

  1. lol I went to Clark’s Trading Post with Dave last Sunday and we both weighed ourselves on this machine that didn’t give you a weight, but rather did something else…not that I can remember what that is right now. Anyway, his number was 170…and mine was not far from his…so he could figure out I didn’t weigh much less than him. Sigh…

  2. You are back on track and working hard!!! He should be so proud of you!!! I know I am! Love YOU, Mel

  3. LOL! I too have this policy! For years my husband had NO idea how much i weighed. Then one fateful day we had to renew our passports and he was standing with me while the lady was filling out the forms. She asked me the question “how much do you weigh”, and since I didn´t want to seem like I had secrets from my hubby, I said it out loud! He still talks about that moment! 🙂

  4. And you let him live!?!? JK, D knows what I weigh just because of all the doctors appointments and stuff he goes to with me. As long as I weigh 15 lbs less than him he is not allowed to say anything.

  5. From what age should a female’s weight be a secret?
    Or, should we more likely speak about “Bodymass”?

    – It’s 80
    – You must eat more – have a fudge;)

    – it’s 120
    – we need to reduce our food budget to pay our power bills (In the Winter)
    – we need to reduce our food budget to pay our cruise this year, my darling (In Spring)
    – we need to reduce our grocery bill, food has become so expensive, we simply can’t afford our Turkey for TG (Late Summer)
    – have you seen the prices for the new wintercollection? I think it’s about time to reduce our food budget (in Fall)

    Well, I don’t care as long my wife is slim and feels well and can use her cloths from 30 years ago.

    — KILL THAT MAN!!!!

    Have a great weekend.

  6. Hahahaha ! I think even if I would change weight all the time Mr. G is blind. But it’s also true that I have a lot of chance I never had weight troubles. Sometimes over winter I put on some kgs but as I am quiet tall nobody sees it but I and my jeans ! But they go away again. I only climb on my balance when I notice that my trousers shrank !

  7. I think its OK for us mere males to ask our wives/partners this… At least you’re NOT asking… “does my bum look big in this…”

    I used to always ask Lou about her weight, as I thought showing an interest in her weight loss was keeping her on track. PLUS, it allowed me to concentrate on meals I cooked for her, and make sure I WAS cooking the right stuff!!!

    KEEP UP the good work, its hard, but it will be worth it!

  8. Oy, not bright DH, not bright. Good thing you’re forgiving or he’d be on the couch!

    PS The tubing was on the big lake :).

    PPS Thought of you today while watching my niece scarf down peaches.

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