Man & Dogs

This morning, as I sipped my first cup of coffee, I noticed Greta, sitting quietly in the front window. She looked so beautiful and sweet that I quickly snapped these two pictures.

Aug 6 002

And I called her name and she looked over at me.

Aug 6 003

Now isn’t she a beauty?

(Even if she is slightly pudgy!)

My day was spent canning. I made two batches of my Heavenly Peach Jam (19 jars!), as well as peeling, scooping and chopping cucumbers for Moonglow Pickles. That alone (the cucumbers) took me two hours!

I was feeling rather tired and frankly, I would have enjoyed going out for dinner, but both Hubby and I were too tired to even do that, so I made a less than wonderful dinner, which gave me heartburn, and the day finally ended.

Saturday I will can 6 jars of Moonglow Pickles, and perhaps do a little laundry. There is no news on Anneliese at this moment, but I hope there will be soon!

The dogs are all feeling very clingy right now. Here Arnie, Anneliese and Fritz are with Hubby.

Aug 6 007

Greta was in my lap!

Have a great weekend everyone!

5 thoughts on “Man & Dogs”

  1. I hope Greta is being good! If not I will have a chat with her again. Tell her Auntie Mel is watching her. LOL! Love to all the pups and I can’t wait for news of a new pup soon. Love YOU, Mel

  2. What an effort I must say.
    Here Anna have made lots of rasberry jam. And some redcurrant jam as well. But most of our berries are frozen directly and we use as dessert along with vanilla sauce or ice or on cakes. Even eat then fresh – mmmm.

    It must a time of excitement waiting for the puppies.
    We too are eager to know if Felicia will have new kittens….

    Have a great Sunday

  3. Greta is also a lovely Teckel! She seems to love looking outside just like our Lotje. I cross my fingers for Anneliese hopefully she gets her pup the normal way… When exactly was the 63th day?


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