What I Did This Weekend

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Our host is Gattina. Come join us and tell us what YOU did this past weekend!

This was the weekend of cooking! I seem to have spent more time in the kitchen than I usually do. Why is that, you might ask? Well, when I am nervous I cook and my cousin Janet was operated so I was a wreck. Happily, Janet is doing well, and later this week she should be well enough to go home, and then I will go down and help her out.n in an emergency on Saturday morning.

Okay, so here I go with what I did.

Friday I cooked, literally all day long. As you can tell from the previous post, it was literally mnon-stop from morning until the night!

Saturday was a nice day. I didn’t cook too much but I was preparing for our guests and the barbecue we had with our friends. That was so nice and relaxing, that even the dogs had a great time.

On Sunday, Hubby came in with another half a bushel of Macintosh apples and we cored them and cooked them up and made apple sauce.

Sept 12 013

Sept 12 014

Sept 12 015

I also discovered that I can download Kindle books to my computer! This is fabulous because it will mean that I can download books and enlarge the font! Yay!

Happy Monday, everyone!

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