Living Love

My cousin Janet has been quite ill. In fact she was in the hospital and had to have emergency surgery. She scared the heck out of me! In fact, I think she scared a lot of us that love her.


However, her surgery went well, and she is recovering better than I would have, (I get a splinter and want a morphine drip!) and she will be going home soon. I’ll be leaving Hubby overnight and going down to cook her a meal full of comfort food, and to shower a little tender loving care on her.

You know, I have thought a lot about life recently. How we should really relax and enjoy the good times, maybe appreciate them more, because life is full of those difficult times, the ones that we somehow struggle through, but the ones that challenge our emotions, nonetheless.

Janet’s surgery reminded me that I need to pay better attention to the good things in life. That I need to love my family and friends consistently and let them know.

I think I am going to go and hug Hubby now! I’m feel just a tad emotional!

11 thoughts on “Living Love”

  1. Yes, Live is so special and we all fail to appreciate the wonder of it all!! Have a good time with Janet and hug her for me. Love YOU, Mel

  2. I think it took me a long way to arrive to a point where I fully enjoy life now ! Of course I still have my up and downs but I have more ups then downs now !

  3. That is a fantastic photo of Janet. I am starting to slow down and appreciate the smaller things. It has taken me time to realize the value of all of the little things and to stop always wanting “what’s next”…I’m getting there.

  4. Lovely post, so true. I’m happy that she is OK! Yes, it’s true, we need reminders now and then. It’s just too easy to just let life slip through our fingers!

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