Rain, Cold & Turkey Broth!

There are days that you wake up, go through your entire day and find you have absolutely nothing to write about. Monday was that day for me!

It rained off and on all day. It was cold and the most interesting thing happening here was that I had a pot of turkey bones simmering for the second day. After nearly 24 hours of simmering, and the fact that my whole house smelled like Thanksgiving, the broth that I will use tomorrow to make our turkey soup simmered to perfection.

I did work grooming Arnie for over an hour. At first he fought this, but eventually he just curled up and slept while I stripped his fur.

Fritz had his nails clipped, and Greta struggled against me, while I tried to groom her. Anneliese is, of course, perfect and just needed a light brushing.

I scanned some pictures of Hubby when he was a kid for him, and then heated up the leftover Sauerbraten for our dinner.

Sept 27

Well I think that today I need to go off and have an adventure so I can write something interesting tomorrow.

Wish me luck!

8 thoughts on “Rain, Cold & Turkey Broth!”

  1. Sometimes a slow day in between just has to be.
    Mine was Sunday. 🙂 I was supposed to go to a show and when the alarm went off I decided I just stay in bed, sleep a little longer and enjoy my first real day with nothing to do since the end of July.
    It was great! 😉

  2. Sometimes a slow Monday is good for the soul. After all you have been doing and cooking it seems like a perfect way to begin the week.

  3. You could always come over to my house and play “Stop the allegedly convalescing cat from making a mad dash for the catflap. Again.” It’s fun in a nail-bitingly stressful sort of way.

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