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I really wanted to relax and rest and catch up on my sleep, and down time. However, it was not to be. In some ways I feel like a Pioneer Woman. I know that winter is coming, and I am putting up as much food as possible.

In some ways this endeavor is quite satisfying. Seeing our freezer full of sauces and soups and stuffed zucchini boats and zucchini bread is a wonderful thing. I know that on those cold days when I long for the warmth of summer, I can open my freezer, thaw out something wonderful from my garden and enjoy!

On Sunday I was making a complete turkey dinner. Turkey, stuffing, gravy, butternut squash, mashed potatoes and I made an apple pie for dessert! Best of all, we got to sit down and share this meal with my cousin Janet and Dave, and Emily and Ben. Janet is finally feeling better and today was the last time I will see Emily until March as her family leaves on Tuesday for the Midwest. Their new home.

The cold front moved in and our temperatures dropped a great deal. I’ve actually got a sweater on! The weekend is nearly over and finally, finally, I am sitting down!

9 thoughts on “What I did This Weekend!!!”

  1. I did some cooking too! Lots of soup and gave some to everyone since I made way too much for just us!! Love YOU, Mel

  2. Come visit me so I have dinner waiting after 12 hrs at the ER. Lots of nausea, vomiting and abdominal pain this weekend-nasty virus. Cooking would have been more fun.

  3. I am with Gattina! I will have you come here to cook for US for all winter! Or… never mind… I’ll just come to YOUR house to eat all winter! Well… since you’ll have all the food… Cooking really IS the story of your life these days!

  4. You have really done a great effort to preserve the best from the Season. We used to do that as well, but this year… nothing to pick from our summer garden but rasberries and red currants… Frozen fresh and marmelade.

    Thanks for a nice comment to our weekend post;-)

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