Cooking Again (or the story of my life lately!)

Okay, I know that Saturday was supposed to be my busy cooking day, but I needed to make a run to the big city and then I got a bit frustrated because all the plans Hubby and I made for the big city seemed to get thwarted.

We arrived back at home at 3 PM and we changed clothes and Hubby went out to mow the lawn and I went into the kitchen to cook.

Now, before we left I put a roast I had been marinating, in my crock pot on the lowest setting to make my favorite German meal, Sauerbraten! I have the old family recipe that came with my Great-grandparents  from Germany and was passed down through the generations until it came to me. I love it, and of course my Hubby loves it too. In fact Hubby LOVES German food and I think he believes he was lucky to marry someone who enjoys cooking German delicacies!

While the Sauerbraten cooked I made the spaghetti sauce. A triple batch this time! I’m just waiting for it to cool so I can put it in containers to freeze. This is the last batch I will make. After this I think I may try to make salsa.

The Sauerbraten came out even better than usual! Even Hubby was amazed at how good it tasted! There is enough for one more meal.

For now, I am sitting with Anneliese as I wait for the spaghetti sauce to cool.She tells me I should mention that all four dogs thought the Sauerbraten was good too! Yes, they all got a little taste, because I am a soft touch!

Tomorrow? Oh I do hope I can have a quiet day. Aren’t Sundays supposed to be quiet days? Oh wait…I’m cooking the turkey tomorrow! Not so quiet after all.

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