Movie Madness

I’ve never been a big movie go-er. I figure that eventually the movie will come onto HBO or Starz, so unless something really amazing comes along, I tend to avoid the theater. I’m not exactly sure why, really. Our ticket prices aren’t that bad, and the theaters are close enough, but I just hate to commit to sitting still for two hours with no bathroom break! (I mean, you could go potty, but you’d miss the film now, wouldn’t you?)

However, the month of October has found Hubby and me out to the movies THREE times! I do believe in all our married years we have not been out to the movies three times in one month…EVER!

Now, what has brought about this miracle at the Box Office? Three unique and compelling movies. Two were rather serious and then the third was just plain fun. Best of all, the three films were well acted, well written and well directed!

The first being “The Town“,


the second one was “R.E.D.

Red Movie

and now “Hereafter“.

HereAfter Movie

I’m starting to look at the newspaper so I can plot and plan what Hubby and I might see next weekend.

Somehow I know that this run with the movies cannot last. Hollywood is all too predictable. There is a lot of junk made and very few really good films.

I’m not into gore, or movies that are horribly violent. I also don’t really go for the current favorite “vampire” movies. I enjoy good stories. Stories that make me think, or feel or dream.

So I recommend all of the three movies mentioned above. “The Town” and “Hereafter” are a bit more serious and “R.E.D.” is just plain fun!

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  1. We saw Red last night, great. We both enjoyed it so much. Mom is over looking through a box of stuff. Love YOU, Mel

  2. we recently went twice to gold class which I now love and will find it hard to go back to the normal theatre….Wall Street was very good, and Life as we know it a nice relaxing movie with Josh Duhamel.

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