Stomachs & Soups

This morning after breakfast I felt like having New England Clam Chowder for our dinner. Creamy, yummy, simple chowder! I’m sure that the cold “snowy” weather encouraged these feelings, so I went down into our freezer and grabbed a container of clams that a neighbor had given us a couple of months back. They’d dug these clams up in Canada and frozen them and brought them home. Ah yes, hot, lovely chowder.

All day I thought of this and looked forward to my soup. At 2 pm I started chopping onions and celery and getting things ready. Everything smelled so good, and my spirits were high.

Then about 5:15 my stomach started talking to me. As if laughing at my daylong desire for chowder, it began to turn and twist and not feel so good. Shoot! I want chowder, but I’d really only like to have it once tonight…if you know what I mean.

So, I’m sitting here thinking if I should attempt to eat it, or just feed it to Hubby and wait until tomorrow to try to eat it, myself.

It’s frustrating to have worked hard on this, in my Julia Child apron, and with my wonderful heavy cast iron soup pot, only to have my stomach betray me!

Since I know my stomach better than most I’m going to wait. I’ve put a couple of apples into the oven to bake and perhaps I will just eat that and hope for better times with my stomach tomorrow.

This is just another reminder that once I hit 50 my lead stomach, suddenly turned all wishy-washy and I have to baby it! Where are the days of hot nachos, spicy chili and all the rest?

Yeah, I know. I’m getting old!

Post Script:

Well, dinner time came and I ladled out the chowder for Hubby and myself (small bowl). I served it up and when I lifted the spoon to my mouth…YUCK. What did I do? Hubby politely choked down two servings, but I was suddenly glad that my stomach was bothering me and that I couldn’t eat. I’m too cheap to toss those lovely clams, so I think I will rinse them off and try a new soup base tomorrow!

6 thoughts on “Stomachs & Soups”

  1. I miss the puppies on your header, but they live with their forever families now.

    There has been a bug going around here, too. Oh yes..I got the new Jan Karon book today and saw it at Costco on Friday. 🙂

  2. I had no stomac troubles but my intestines were on strike, there was a thunderstorm in them and it grumbled! Fortunately there is such a big choice of food here, I had no problem with a little diet and now it’s OK again.
    Have you seen the full moon ?

  3. Sorry about that, not fun! I had a little bit of chili for my lunch yesterday, It was good, but of course I paid the price for it too. LOL!! Love YOU, Mel

  4. Oh no! What a double disappointment! I know what you mean about stomaches. Mine doesn’t always agree with the foods I love either. I used to adore spicy foods, but now….it doesn’t always go so well.

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