Wednesday Hodgepodge


1. Sunday was the first day of spring. So they say. Ahem. What is your favorite outdoor springtime activity?

Getting my garden ready for planting. It will need to be weeded, fertilized and the Hubby will rototil it.

2. Who would you want to come into your kitchen to cook dinner for you?

Julia Child, but since she is no longer with us, I will say Jacques Pepin. It’s not that I prefer French cooking, I do, however, love the methods of preparation that both Jacques and Julia used in their recipes.

3. When did you last fly a kite?

I cannot even recall. I am thinking it has to be well over 30 years ago, or more.

4. What topic puts you to sleep faster than anything?

There are not many. I don’t like a lot of the political discussions going on these days, so perhaps I will say politics.

5. Which flowers do you associate with specific people, places, or events?

Lilacs are for the first house we lived in, on Clipper Lane in Falmouth, Massachusetts.Then again, lilacs for the first house Hubby and I lived in down in Southern New Hampshire.And then, when I was a little girl my Uncle Billy worked in a Rose Garden, and I remember wandering through the garden with the overwhelming aroma of roses surrounding me.

6. What significant historical events took place during your elementary school days?

President Kennedy was assassinated, the Vietnam War was started and fought, Free Love and Flower Power, and The Beatles changed music forever.

7. Do you swear? Do you pseudo-swear? (You know crap, shoot, friggin’?)

Ahem, well, yes. I try not to do it in public. Oh I might let rip a “holy crap” here or there, and “frickin” is another one, but the big ones, like the F-bomb, I do not use in mixed company. (And I only used it when I was in transitional labor before the spinal took hold!)

8. Insert your own random thought here.

Joanne is doing splendidly in her rehab. She was moved to the new one (more intensive) and will have her skull replaced later this week. Keep those prayers coming!

A dear local friend of mine is having her knee replaced today. Please keep Carol in your prayers.

5 thoughts on “Wednesday Hodgepodge”

  1. I’m guessing you woke up to snow today too. We have a lot but its so pretty. Maybe more so because I know it cannot possibly be here long : )

    Enjoy your day!

  2. That’s a nice question : Do you swear ! I am like Bertie in “the King’s speech” I don’t know appropriate words besides the classical sh..t ! and maybe another one. But even in other languages I only do it in private !
    We are Ladies aren’t we ?

  3. I haven’t had much french cooking. On of my bowling team members is French. I love hearing about things. I said politics too. I love Lilac bushes. We don’t have them in California but I enjoyed them for 38 years in Illinois. I have been known to swear and I do use the fake ones often. Praying for Joanne and Carol.

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