Thursday Thirteen

Feb 8 tt13

Here we are, another Thursday. I’m going to do a random list, as Wednesday was kind of a crazy day, and my thoughts are a bit scattered. So, here goes.

  1. I lost 2 pounds this week at Weight Watchers. I was feeling very happy and was patting myself on the back. Yay me, right?
  2. Then I found out that my dear friend, Carol is having trouble after her surgery, and it made me realize what is truly important.
  3. I worked on some writing I needed to do, but my thoughts all day were with Carol.
  4. Greta came up to me today and I realized she had some matted hair, so she got a little grooming. She wasn’t too happy, but looks so much better.
  5. I made a new recipe for stuffed peppers and they actually came out well! Trust me, I was not thinking clearly, and just tossed stuff together and it worked.
  6. Spring cleaning is going well! The house is really starting to look and smell fresh once again!
  7. They have forecast for snow tomorrow. Oh, just a measly 2 or 3 inches. (Grrr!)
  8. I sure hope that spring arrives soon! If not I’ll be off looking for Punxsutawney Phil! (He will have lied about there being an early spring!)
  9. Isn’t it great to have more daylight now? I’m thinking that it’s super to have the sun setting later each day and actually to have brightness until nearly 7:30!
  10. I think a hot shower or long hot bath are two of the best ways to pamper yourself!
  11. I think tonight will be a chicken night. Not sure how I’ll fix it, but something fun, yet easy.
  12. The weekend ahead of me, I hope to clean the guest room. Everything from curtains, bedspread, etc.
  13. I hope my friend, Carol gets well soon, so I can go and see her.

11 thoughts on “Thursday Thirteen”

  1. Prayers still being said for your friend! Let her know when you see her that so many have kept her in their thoughts and prayers. Love YOU, Mel

  2. I just did a Thursday Thirteen and I linked to your blog so you might get some new visitors today : ) Hope your friend is better soon!

  3. I hope she will feel better soon ! we have spring, everything is blooming and it’s a little too early hopefully there will be no frost anymore. We just finished to clean the patio and the garden furniture ! Now I am out !

  4. Fun little meme here to catch all the “stray hairs” of daily life–as well as some big ponderings. Sure hope the Lord heals your friends. Trouble after surgery is usually more discouraging than trouble before.

    Kudoes on spring cleaning, losing weight, and the stuffed pepper dish that turned out well “in spite of”. I’m right there w/ ya. Oh, I also linked up yesterday.

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