Planting & Ice Out

Yesterday, I was truly amazed at the lake in front of our house. It appeared to have small rivers running between the ice, but when I walked down to the beach to look and take some pictures, this is what I found.

April 21 11 021

Can you see the ice? There were these really odd icicles in between each chunk of ice. Here is a close up.

April 21 11 019

It was cold and windy and I didn’t stay out too long. I walked back up the hill to our house, and thought, perhaps I would snap a picture.

Friday the sun was out and it was a much nicer day! I decided to put on my crummy jeans and sweat-shirt and do some spring stuff.

April 21 11 022

Since there was no snow left in the yard, that meant one thing for me…time to plant my seeds for the garden! So, out to the green house I went, to clean it out, working planting seeds, and then clean it all up again!

April 22 11 027

Our weather was beautiful and it was actually the perfect day for working in the green house. Our temperatures reached 60 degrees. I so enjoyed the sunshine and watching the effect that it had on our lake. By nightfall we had finally had ice out on our own little lake here in Dackel Princess Land!

April 22 11 001

6 thoughts on “Planting & Ice Out”

  1. Really amazing photos ! So finally you got rid of this long lasting snow !!
    I came back from France yesterday afternoon and am still a little “homesick” not because of the French Riviera (I thought I was in Italy) but because of the stay with Clauie and her family, such warmhearted and cheerful people !

  2. I had forgotten how long spring takes to “spring into green” up north. Happy to hear about a warm day. Happy Easter MB

  3. I read in your fb today it was snowing again! I hope it won´t hurt your seeds, that you sowed.
    Love the ice pictures of the lake. Such incredible formations!

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