I Have Never Heard!

The last few time I have dried clothes in the dryer, I have come up with these stains on my clothing. Not all of it, and not every piece, but enough that I was getting concerned.

So, how do you clean a dryer?

That was my big question. Fortunately, my friend, Gail called em and I asked her. She, it turned out, has had this problem before and she was able to guide me through the cleaning process.

  1. Get a bottle of Goo-Gone. Which I already had.
  2. Spray a paper towel and have it lie on the shelf parts of the drier and in my case I also sprayed this on the back, where I could see the brown grime.
  3. Walk away for 20 minutes.
  4. Come back and wipe it down with clean clothes.
  5. Take wet clothes and a bucket of warm water and keep wiping until all the soap is out of the dryer.
  6. Take some old kitchen rags and wet them, ring them out and toss in the dryer.
  7. Tada! Done!!!

I am so pleased with the results and will probably need to do this every six months. The machine is 13 years old and just not working as well as it should, and yes, it definitely needed a good cleaning.

3 thoughts on “I Have Never Heard!”

  1. oh, so good to know! I recently googled “clean a dryer” because I dried a crayon in my daughter’s pocket. the advice I found wasn’t as simple as this!

  2. It never came into my mind to clean the dryer ! I only clean the filter which is always full of hairs and plushs. The tumble is always clean. Maybe you have another sort of dryer.

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