First Day

I am thinking that when you read this, I will be out skiing for the first time this season. No we don’t have any natural snow, but through the miracle of snow making machines, there is enough snow to at least strap on my skis and go and freeze my self to death get my first day of skiing, under my belt!

Hubby is really excited, and if I come home with aching joints, chilled to the bone, then he will be really happy. However, I do want to move more, and I also think it’s a positive thing. You know, get in shape before the cruise. Here is a picture of me last year. All dolled up and hopefully, STAYING WARM!!!

Nov. 30 029

Please note, that I wear full protective gear. I feel everyone out there should. One wrong fall can do serious damage, and I am just an average skier, so I have a lot of respect for the snow and ice!


4 thoughts on “First Day”

  1. Enjoy! I just can’t do it anymore. Between all I went through with my shoulder and the COLD… I just don’t get love it enough to keep going. I miss the pretty views from the top of the mountains but is is just not worth it to me anymore. Love YOU, Mel

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