Thursday Thirteen

Nov 24 015

Today’s Thursday Thirteen, will be things I love about cruising.

First to get you into the mood, this classic song!

  1. Once I step on board the ship, I become a Pampered Princess! No dogs to walk!
  2. Each morning when I wake, there is coffee at my door.
  3. As I go through my day, people smile at me, and offer coffee, tea, or anything else my heart desires.
  4. I love having tea each afternoon. The servers all wear white gloves and it reminds me of days gone by with my grandmother.
  5. I love the sun. Even though I have to wear a ton of sunscreen and a hat. It’s okay.
  6. Swimming. I love the big pools. It’s so soothing.
  7. The movies on the Jumbo-tron screens! Fun! Movies under the stars.
  8. Someone to cook my breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  9. And then to clean it all up!
  10. Someone makes my bed too, and brings me clean towels several times a day!
  11. Sitting out on my own balcony sipping a cool beverage!
  12. The shore tours we take. Those are so interesting.
  13. But best of all, I love cruising with Hubby. He makes it all wonderful and special!

11 thoughts on “Thursday Thirteen”

  1. Nice song and no matter what the vacation is it is always great to just get away and be waited on!!! Love YOU, Mel

  2. All very true ! I want to make a cruise to the Northpole it seems to be wonderful. But not for this year. This year I’ll go with Dominique on a roundtrip through Tunesia. Besides my annual holidays, 8 days in England and 2 weeks in Egypt in November.

  3. I felt ambitious just going for a walk in the cold. Although the depth I bundle up to, you might say I’m in protective gear naturally.

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