Dolphins & Turtles, Oh, My!!!

I woke early on Monday, as I was feeling so excited about meeting my dolphin friends!

Hubby slept soundly, but around 7 AM the alarm call came, and I happily leapt from the bed and started my day.

We went to breakfast, threw on our bathing suits, and headed to the tenders to get to shore. I have to tell you that the seas were so choppy, that I was really worried someone would get hurt. We all grabbed a seat, and then prayed that we would get to shore.

Our tour was met by our guard, who drove us out to the Dolphin Encounter. He did his very best to explain ting to us. The first is that Grand Cayman best resources are the large bank accounts here. The second is tourism.

We finally made it out to the Dolphin Encounter, where it was once again, raining.

March 5 051

March 5 049

Now we didn’t allow a little rain to spoil our day, and we both enjoyed the time spent with the dophins!

March 5 017

March 5 044

March 5 089

March 5 079

I looked at Hubby and told him, who cares. Getting in the tank with these special creatures would find us getting wet anyway!

I raced through the gift shop and right out into the pen area, seeing the trainers feeding them for the first meal of the day.

My heart fluttered so, as I saw those beautiful creatures swimming so effortlessly. If they let me, I would have just jumped right in!

Alas I had to wait until the trainer was done and then he came over to talk.

We had been told that no pregnant woman would be allowed to swim with the dolphins. Well, this just piqued my curiosity!

“Okay, so why can’t a pregnant woman swim with the dolphins?

Well, you see, they use sonar to feel things around them. If they sense the baby inside the mother, all the dolphins will focus on protecting the mother and baby. Even if this baby is human.

March 5 053

We all participated in the event, and I felt a real sense of peace out there with those beautiful, gentle, creatures!

Then we went to the Turtle Farm, and I was amazed. There were many species of turtles, and I was allowed to wade in and pick up one of the babies.

March 5 183

Our tour was so short. I could go back and back and back, and play with the dolphins! That was the best ever!!

One more thing to cross off my “Bucket List”!

7 thoughts on “Dolphins & Turtles, Oh, My!!!”

  1. I loved my swim with the dolphins. It was just magical! So happy you had such a good time! I hope the weather improves and you get that good sunshine you have been waiting for.
    All is well here! Miss you! Love YOU, Mel

  2. Oh my goodness, Maribeth! How amazing! I’d love to swim with dolphins some day! Also, very interesting fact about the pregnant women and dolphins… who knew? 🙂

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