Both Hubby and I were tired last night so we were in bed by ten o’clock. Not too unusual for me, but definitely unusual for Hubby, who needs just 5 or 6 hours at night.

We have had our breakfast and now wait to dock in Roatan. The biggest problem today are slightly rocky seas, and although we were due in today at 9 AM, it’s looking like we will not make that, and perhaps not be able to get in to Roatan at all


March 6 044

Well, the seas calmed and the sun came out here and there, so we got to go on our excursion. We docked, today and we were picked up by our bus. A nice tour guide, named Sheila, gave us a tour. My biggest impression is that there is a great deal of poverty, but also that the people work hard to get ahead. Our guide has children to feed and eight dogs!

Our tour left late so by the time we got back Hubby was ravenous, and wanted a big meal. We went up to the buffet and he filled his plate. I still wasn’t too hungry, so selected some cheese and crackers and was happy with that.

While we were touring the Island, however, there was a sweet little girl. She was probably no more that 2 or 3 years old.

March 6 023

While her Mommy dances and Daddy played the bongos, she danced her little heart out in the back.

March 6 047

March 6 045

I got out my camera with the telephoto lens can caught this shot. Isn’t she precious?

We also took a boat trip, and ended up getting soaked, and it was entirely my fault. You see, I packed my rain jacket and not his, and I forgot his umbrella.

I did check out a few shops on Roatan, but it is the same kitch that end up cluttering my house or some one else’s

Tomorrow we will be in Belize, and I am hoping for better weather. We have had nothing but rain on this trip and I am pretty tired of it

I would love just one whole day with no rain! Oh well, at least isn’t snow!

On to Belize tomorrow!

4 thoughts on “Roatan”

  1. Just managed to read all your entries.
    I am so jealous about your swim with the dolphins. How great!!!
    Enjoy your holiday!!

  2. I catched up on your posts that’s really a pity that you have rain. I am flying back home this afternoon. From spring weather and warm sunshine into the still cold grey weather ! Enjoy even if it rains !

  3. I am keeping the sunshine for you in my prayers! It is cool here this morning, but will warm up and tomorrow hit 6o degrees. Can’t wait! I may sit out on the deck in the sun. I raked my garden out yesterday. Got the leaves out and it looks so nice.
    Miss you and hope that today is a day of only SUNshine and warmth! Love YOU, Mel

  4. What a little Princess… When we lived in Guildford, our neighbours (Sudanese oe Ethopian) had a little girl… She was typical a very dark black colour, and had the little balls of hair… Louise loved her, and bought back fond memories of when she lived in Papua New Guinea and the house maid’s little girl that she played with when she was 2…

    Enjoy the rest of your trip!

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