Dear Diary,
Today when Hubby and I woke up for a new, adventure on our cruise, we pulled open the curtains, and saw the one thing that has plagues us for the last 4 days. RAIN! Since most of our day was to be spent in a tour bus, we thought perhaps we could handle it.
I was wrong! We got off the bus quite a bit, and then when we visited the ruins, well, that soaking was nearly as significant as a full on shower!

The ruins.

March 7 029

March 7 035

March 7 041

In this picture you can see a Howler Monkey and the rain!
I will say this, Belize is a complicated place. Mostly I saw terrible poverty, but then these people would be sitting on their steps laughing and joking, and two or three kids would be playing, unaware that they were missing anything at all.
Our guide stopped at his cousin’s fruit stand and they provided us all with freshly ripened bananas! Now that was a real treat!
The Island is loaded with dogs. Now I did see a few purebreds, but mostly they were Caribbean Mutts, skinny and almost to the point of falling over dear. This really impacted my view of the Island. As you know, I am a great dog lover, and would share my meal before I would allow my animal to be in this terrible condition.
However, I did find this a fascinating trip, even if it was in the rain!

4 thoughts on “Rain!!!!!”

  1. Sad to hear it’s rained so much. Hoping today is a sunnier day for you. All is well here. I move around with 4 shadows wherever I go. To funny. Hope you have a great day.

  2. Yup, that’s what I didn’t like about Belize…even though I felt I was contributing to the economy in some small part, sheesh…I just felt so bad.

  3. Whoa, I see the rain pouring down. That just stinks. We have had lots of sun here so I am sending the sun your way. I just hope it gets there before your trip is over. Love YOU, Mel

  4. They look amazing, the ruins, and it is now a place I so WANT to visit!! Now as to the rain, we got flooded out here at work, I emailed you some pics, but we had 146mm (nearly 6″) of rain in just under 6 hours!! I am waiting for the actual figures for work, but it literally HAMMERED down!

    Enjoy the remaining part of the cruise, and wishing plain sailing and blue skies ahead!

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