Finally, on Thursday we woke to sunshine! Apparently the “Sun Gods” of Mexico were smiling on us. We gathered our totes for the day, and then off we went to take a ferry from our ship’s birth to the mainland of Mexico.

March 8 039

We met up with our guide, Lily. She was a sweet young woman, who works hard to get ahead in this world.

March 8 011

I admire her dedication to learning all the history of the Mayan’s, and be able to explain it.

Now we did stop off to visit some of her friends shops, but they were well laid out and the prices didn’t gouge a person. I bought nothing. I have decided that the last thing I really need is more kitch!

The Mayan Ruins were spectacular! We were not allowed to climb on them, as they are becoming additionally fragile.

March 8 075

But the real surprise was when we went around the back and found the big secret to the Ruins. They have a sheer drop off to the beach below, making them nearly impossible to breach from that side.

March 8 028

There were no trees or anywhere to escape, when the sun began to beat down so heavily on our heads! I thought I would simply dehydrate and perish on the spot You know, “New England Woman Dehydrates in Mexico and Perishes”!

I made my way back to the buses, and stopped to get the largest bottle of water I could find! I’m not a fan of water, but on Thursday, nothing tasted so good!
We were driven back to the ferry and off we went to board our ship. Somehow, after a week of rain, everyone showed up at the formal dinner, rather informally. Everyone, including me are just plain exhausted! So tomorrow it’s a good thing that we are having a full day to rest and relax!

5 thoughts on “Sunshine!”

  1. Happy for the sun! I hope your day is all about relaxing and hoping for more sunshine! Love YOU, Mel

  2. you lucky girl ! That’s one of my dreams to go there ! and you even got sunshine !!
    I am back home it’s hard to go back to winter when you have been in spring !

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