So here we are, back to real life. Our doggies are really thrilled to have us home, and it’s amazing how wonderful your own bed and pillows feel after a week away from them! In fact I woke up this morning to Anneliese’s pointy little nose straight into my face just waiting for me to open my eyes and wake up!

Both Hubby and I are feeling a little wiped out. Saturday started so early, in Ft. Lauderdale, when we got up at 6AM, and had breakfast, then hopped into a taxi for the airport. We couldn’t make the two flights we wanted to get on. So instead of going to Detroit we opted to take a flight to LaGaudia Airport in New York, and then fly up to Boston. All the way, it seemed we got the last two seats!

When we finally did reach Boston on Saturday, we needed to figure out a way to get to Manchester, New Hampshire, where we left our car! Fortunately, there is a shuttle service, and we were able take that to a Park and Ride, where the New Hampshire Airport Bus picked us up, and brought us to our car!

After buying some groceries we finished the drive home and got in about 8 PM, feeling drained and very tired.

Sunday found both Hubby and I wanting to nap and not do much else. I mean we got hit with the double whammy. Traveling on airplanes all day, and then the time change. Oh yeah, that sure will do a person in!

I am hoping to start the week with more energy. I have so many great stories to tell from my trip, but I just need a little more energy to write them all down!

3 thoughts on “Flying”

  1. So you are back too ! I flew home with a heavy hard ! it was so nice there. Adorable people and spring weather. Hard to get used to daily life again !

  2. Glad you’re home safe and sound. I’m feeling the time change today too and I wasn’t even traveling. Have a nap : )

  3. The travel stories will take up a few days anyway and then there are the vacation stories too! Great, can’t wait for pages and pages of stories, just don’t begin with “Once Upon A Time”, LOL! Love YOU, Mel

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