First Day At Sea

I’m going to go back and recount the days of our cruise. It’s strange how quickly the days went by, after waiting for them to arrive.


We went onto the Ship just after noon, found our cabin, and then off we went to have a little lunch. There was a nice variety of food, and we ended up sitting with Klaus and Nelly, from Canada. We would sit with them several times during the trip, and enjoyed getting to know them.

After lunch we went back to our cabin and found our suitcases had been delivered. We unpacked, and then settled in.

March 3 050

Our Cabin Steward, Apolonio, brought two glasses of champagne to us and welcomed us onto the ship!

At 3:30 we had a Muster Drill to go through. Basically this has everyone go through a safety drill, so we all would know what to do in the event of an emergency. They also went through a drill telling us what to do is we see someone go overboard, or if there was an emergency.

After that, we all were free to watch our ship pull away from the dock in Fort Lauderdale and out to sea.

At 6 PM we dressed casually and off we went to dinner. Our table mates were a couple from New Hampshire and the other couple were British. but currently living in the USA while he trains.

The food was great, and the company was as well. The two hours we were there flew by and so we were up and off to watch a show.

Singing, dancing and lights flashing. A Broadway show, at sea!

After all the rushing around the day before, we both were somewhat tired. We climbed into bed a little early, wondering what we would do on our day at sea. Swim, sun, watch a movie by the pool?

Not exactly. You see when we woke up the next day, it was raining! Not only that, but the sea was rough. So rough that when Hubby and I were in one of the dining rooms, a wave heeled over the ship, hard to one side, and glassware fell and smashed on the floor!

Although I had my seasickness patch on, so that I wouldn’t be bothered by the ocean, this was a bit more than usual, and I found myself sipping ginger ale and nibbling on crackers.

By the time dinner rolled around, I was feeling better, and the rolling seas had calmed.

3 thoughts on “First Day At Sea”

  1. See now that last little bit there is why I am reluctant to take a cruise. I tend to feel motion even on calm waters. But your cabin looks really nice!

  2. The room looks nice! Sorry to be so late to comment, but Abby was on the Computer this morning.
    I would not like the rough seas! I am sure it would have caused me to be seasick and I get a bit nervous when things are moving too much. Love YOU, Mel

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