The amazing part of going to Belize, was that we had to anchor out and then tender in. We used a boat with the name Safeway Maritime, and each time we got on or got off that boat, it was more than rocky! I just knew we were all going to die! I kid you not. It was scary!

March 7 016

Again it was raining, but we hoped that we would spend most of the day in the bus. Of course the ruins were out in the woods, so off we went for our 6 hour tour! Yes the roads were not good, and yes, the tour was very long!
Here is our guide, whose name escapes me right now.

March 7 054

It was election day in Belize and unlike the USA, they vote by taking polls on the corner of the roads in their  neighborhoods.

Our guide pulled into his neighborhood, and stopped long enough to get us freshly picked bananas. Unless you have had a banana, freshly ripened and picked off of a tree, you will not know how wonderful a banana can be! Yum!

As we drove along the road to the ruins, I was sad to see the conditions that most of the Belizians live in. There are plenty of “Have’s” who live in nice homes. But there are far more “Have-nots” who don’t have more than a lean-to shack to live in.

The dogs there are skinny, and near death, and run around with no one caring for them. It was so sad.

We arrived at the Ruins and of course it was raining even harder. We had to take this man powered ferry over to see the ruins.

March 7 055

Then we were off to see the ruins.

March 7 025
The Xunantunich Mayan Ruins were the better of the ruins that we saw, because we could climb right up on them and explore!

I did well climbing up, but going down was tricky! I forgot that I had a fear of heights!

The carvings were awesome, and I really was impressed.

March 7 063

Soon they got us all together and brought us back, via the bus, to an open air restaurant where they served us rice, beans, plantains and chicken. Which was okay.

Since we were both pretty wet, we were happy to get to the ship. We dried off, changed our clothes and at 6 PM, went to dinner. We had a nice time with our table mates, and then returned to our suite to settle in and rest at about 8:15.

We had just opened the door of our room when I saw a bag on our bed, then Apolonio was there, and he said he had gone to the laundry and checked it out for Hubby’s swim suit. He was hoping that this was it.

I went to him and gave him a big hug and offered him my heartfelt thanks!!! For it surely was the lost suit!!!


3 thoughts on “Belize”

  1. Before I have met a group of music students in the Art Academy, I didn’t even know where Belize was ! Now I know and apparently the Tourism grows more and more, good for the people ! So sad that you had seen all this beauty in rain, but still it must have been very impressive !

  2. Have a good day today and I’ll let you know how we make out after our special day! Love YOU, Mel

  3. catching up on your blog & the ending of your cruise. while those ruins look amazing, I do think the trip to get there might have been THE END of me!! LOL Way to be a trooper!! 🙂
    I’ve been on one of those hand-pulled ferries in Texas somewhere (border to Mexico) and it is crazy to think these guys pulls a ferry back and forth all day long … but I guess I’m glad they do – and so are you! 🙂
    Glad you got home safe & are feeling better/rested.

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