Like the previous two days, we woke in Roatan to rain. It would stop briefly, and then start up again, but we were really in for it.


Besides tossing Hubby’s bathing suit aside the day before, I had also forgotten to pack his rain jacket and an umbrella for him. So, let’s just say, he wasn’t terribly happy with me.

In the morning I had called the Front Desk, Lost and Found, and contacted our Cabin Steward to alert them to Hubby’s missing swim trunks. No one seemed to think they were retrievable, but everyone told me they would try.

Since the weather was still somewhat dicey, it took us a while to dock, before we could begin our tours.

March 6 044

We met up with our tour guide, Miss Sheila and started the day. Our first segment had us in a small boat looking at mangroves and a ship that had washed up on a coral reef. It was in the middle of this tour that the skies opened and the rain poured down!

I gave Hubby my umbrella, but even with my rain jacket, I got soaked! Oh well, what is a girl to do?

Next we drove along the main road out to a small village where it showed us what the early settlers of Roatan did for dancing, food and how they lived.

March 6 023

I am still totally in love with that little girl! She was so adorable and danced with a naturalness, that only a child can do.

We headed back to the ship, and finished off our day with a dinner in the main dining room and then back in our cabin, reading.

Still, no swim suit, but I was hoping. If we didn’t get it back by the time we got to Mexico, we’d go looking for one there in the shops.

To be continued…

2 thoughts on “Roatan”

  1. Life is full of adventures, some good, some not so good and some are funny when we look back at them.
    Our worst vacation: At the cottage repairing the roof in the rain after Ron dropped the tree on the house. The kids were little and we watched them through the hole in roof. What a disaster! LOL!
    I hope your next trip will be perfect!!! Love YOU, Mel

  2. Your cruise must have been wonderful, it’s such a pity that you had rain. You are really a good wife, lol, Mr. G. has to prepare his suitcase himself, I am not his mother. I have already to check that he doesn’t wear the same jeans for a year !

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