Grand Cayman

This was probably my favorite port of call. After all, as you know we had arranged to swim with the dolphins, and it just doesn’t get any better than that!

We were up early, as the excitement was really driving me crazy! We had a nice breakfast at the buffet, and then we waited. You see, it was raining once again, and as we were were being tendered in to the Island, we had to wait until it was safe to do this.

So we sat drinking coffee, and we looked up and noticed a rainbow had started to glow. I ran down to our cabin and tried to get a shot. It’s not the best one I’ve ever taken of a rainbow, but here it is!

March 6 005

Eventually they took us ashore so that we could begin our tours. We had chosen the Dolphin and Turtle Farm. You have all read about my joy swimming with the Dolphins! Really, it was the best trip ever, and I would do it again. Dolphins are the smartest creatures!

March 5 017

If I could I would learn to be a trainer! Yes, this excursion was even better than I imagined!

The turtles were also interesting. The way their bodies are protected by the shell, amazing! I loved being able to climb in the tank and pick up one of the younger ones!

March 5 183

Now here’s where things got dicey. I chose to stay in my bathing suit, but Hubby wanted to get into his dry shorts. So off he went to change, while I arranged to buy the pictures of me and Hubby with the Dolphins. He came back in time to get the bus back to the ship.

I was so excited, as we took the tender back to the ship. Here is a picture of the crewman driving us back.

March 5 189

As we stepped on the ship, there were crew members taking our wet beach towels. I grabbed ours and tossed them into the bin.

We had our cards scanned and then off we went to our room to change and get ready for lunch.

One thing you do a lot of when you are on a cruise and it is raining is…eat!

We decided just to have the buffet that night as we seemed to be a bit over stuffed from a day of continuous nibbling.

But the next morning Hubby asked me the fateful question…”Where is my swim suit?”

I didn’t have any clue, until I realized he had wrapped it in the towel. Then I knew that there was a good chance his suit was gone.

To be continued…

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  1. I love the rainbow picture! So pretty and to see it over the water, what a treat! Love YOU, Mel

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