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Our host is Gattina. Come join us and tell us what YOU did this past weekend! After all, you never know when you will need an alibi!


It was a full and fun weekend this, my first full weekend home! First we had incredible weather, making me feel like spring had sprung, and I am finally starting to feel well.

When we landed last week from our vacation, I seemed to have gotten some sort of stomach flu. I just felt really terrible and very tired.

I struggled all week and then on Saturday, I started feeling better, which was great because my cousin and his girlfriend came to fix my computer.

It was fun to see him and get to know Cindy better, and I cooked a family favorite, Sauer Braten! Cindy made the best Chocolate Mousse for dessert and I felt like a contented feline! Purrrrrrr!

I worked after they left to reload my computer. I worked until 11 PM. Then today spent most of the day on Sunday getting things all worked out. I know there are still things left to do, but I think I will just work it out as I need to.

One thing my cousin did do is lock my WiFi down. The only thing left for me to do is to lock down the TV into the WiFi system. I wish I had taken a film of me connecting the Kindle! I must have done it a dozen times before I got it right!

Yes, today it felt really good to be home and to be able to catch up with all the little things in life.

And how was your weekend?

4 thoughts on “What I Did Last Weekend”

  1. I was sick last week too ! Fortunately like you from Saturday on I was OK again. Good that your computer is fixed now and you are rid of this Vista thing !

  2. All is well here this morning. Good weekend with lots of excitement, but a few ups and downs too!
    Off to the Doctor for my check-up at 10. Love YOU, Mel

  3. Sounds like a great weekend.
    M was not well Friday to Sunday. On Saturday
    He didn’t even leve the bed – not even to watch TV!
    That’s a Sign he was really ill.

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