Happy 9th Birthday Greta!

Can you believe it? Greta is turning 9 years old today! It seems like just yesterday that Hubby and I went to Germany and with Auntie Uschi’s help, found dear, little, baby, Greta, and brought her home!

She grew rapidly and shortly before she turned three, she met her boyfriend Bernd Vom Ahorn Wald AKA Bernie, and the following fall, they got married and had their first litter of pups.

In the montage you will see handsome Bernie, as well as a very pregnant Greta, and the puppies in the montage are from the litter that had Arnie and Anneliese. In fact, watch closely and the infant puppy with the blue collar is Arnie and the green collar is Anneliese!

Greta is a sturdy, self sufficient girl, and she doesn’t take any crap from the other dogs. Not that she fights or anything, she just has a splendid attitude!

She is loving and cuddly with both Hubby and I, and you will notice that she always is there for us when we are down and out.

So, Happy Birthday, dearest Greta! And may you have many, many, more!

4 thoughts on “Happy 9th Birthday Greta!”

  1. Happy birthday Greta 🙂
    Though I did not congratulate you yesterday I thougt of you deares furry friend 🙂

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