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Our host is Gattina. Come join us and tell us what YOU did this past weekend! After all, you never know when you will need an alibi!


It’s easy to tell you what I did this past weekend. Almost nothing. Seeing as my face is literally in stitches, I’ve had to lie back in my recliner and do nothing. So, instead of recounting all that I did not do, I will tell you a few things I have thought aout.

I did not expect to have the extensive surgery that I have had. I thought I would go in, have a few snips to remove the cancer and a couple of stitches to close me up. See how small that was.


What I ended up with was losing half my nose and extensive reconstructive surgery. Call me shocked!

Life can be full of surprises, can’t it? It’s funny though because back in January when I started to think about seeing someone about the  red spot that had returned to my nose, I just had this feeling. This really bad feeling.

I managed to get the appointment with Dr. A. the cancer dermatologist, and she immediately biopsied the nose, and she told me she wanted me to have the Mohs Surgery. I wonder if she knew how extensive the cancer was, or if her experience made her suspicious?

She wanted Dr. S. to operate as soon as he could to do the Mohs Surgery, I was quickly scheduled and at that point Dr. S. explained he wanted a plastic surgery consult.

I’m still shocked that I went in expecting the best (just a few little stitches) and ended up coming out with a full face of railroad tracks!

No, I was not expecting this at all.

March 19 007

But here I am, recovering from the first part of the facial reconstruction. I have a feeling I will be mending for most of the year.

I’ve thought about people who had facial cancer 50 years ago, before plastic surgery was available. In this regard, I am so very lucky.

So, that was my weekend. Recovering, sleeping and watching a little TV, but not much else.

Although, my cousins Janet and Dave came up and brought a Seafood Lasagna! Oh my goodness, it was delicious! Talk about comfort food! Thank you so much, you two! I have really enjoyed it, and seeing you!!!

Seafood Lasagna

7 thoughts on “What I Did This Past Weekend”

  1. Thought it would be a few stitches too! So, so sorry for all you are going through. Hang in there.
    That casserole looks so good! Yummy! Love YOU, Mel

  2. Indeed that was a bad surprise ! But at least your cancer is gone and the nose will heal too ! Let yourself spoil and in a few weeks the worst will be over !

  3. I’ve had a couple of bouts of skin cancer and it can be very scary. Was the red dot on your nose small? What made you concerned about it? Hope you continue to heal quickly.

  4. What a fantastic reminder to use sunscreen! In a few months time you will be as good as new and the scars will have healed! In the meantime, keep resting and healing.

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