Skiing For The Elderly

We went skiing yesterday at Waterville Valley. My goodness, it was such a beautiful day. Bright sunshine, perfect conditions and low numbers of skiers. When I got up I was a little reluctant to go as it was a mere 8 degrees here and I thought I would freeze to death, and as we drove there and got to the Valley the temperature sign read 1!!! So I thought, man am I going to freeze! Hubby and I bundled up, face masks, extra sweaters, glove liners, etc. and off we went. As we headed to the mountain top on the high speed quad I felt really over dressed and that was odd. As we neared the peak I looked at the statistics board and I saw why I felt hot and sweaty. There was a temperature inversion and at the top of the mountain it was 22 degrees!
We skied on perfect surfaces and I felt like Suzy Chapstick as I glided down the mountain. We did two runs on moderately tough slopes and then decided to head over to a very difficult trail called Gema. It had been groomed and was fabulous and I zipped down. On the lift ride back up we decided to do it again. I zipped down to the trail head and then started my decent. Turn, turn, turn, slip fall, slide, slide, slide and then finally stop.
Hubby was long gone and I thought I was alone. My ankle was twisted in the wrong direction, but once I moved it back to the correct direction it felt okay. Maybe no one saw me and I can escape embarrassment. Just as I started to push myself up, a voice behind me says, “Are you okay?”
There stands a tall, young, handsome ski patrol. He’d witnessed my entire fall. As a friend of mine loves to say, “Nerts!”
“Yes, I’m fine just my ego taking some lumps this morning” I smiled weakly as I brushed off the snow.
Then I knew. He was going to wait for me to ski off so he could watch me the rest of the way.
My ankle was a little sore and yet I knew I had to ski like Suzy Chapstick down to the lift. So I bit the inside of my cheek and off I went, trying to look carefree.
I got down to the lift and Hubby looked at me as asked, “Where have you been?”
“Oh just getting to know the Ski Patrol.”

This morning I feel every one of my 47 years. Everything aches and I can feel a small bruise on my hip. No, skiing isn’t for the faint at heart!

3 thoughts on “Skiing For The Elderly”

  1. Glad you are okay! I never ski anything but easy trails as I find being older I am so much more careful, but I never have been a really good skier anyway. Off to watch the boys. Love Ya!

  2. I’ve never been skiing before, but since I’m such a klutz, I can’t envision good things. My cousin is an expert skier but still managed to shatter her leg and need a rod put in last year. I’m sorry. This is so not pleasant.

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