Getting Greta Lucky

You know you have too much time on your hands when you start writing letters to find a boyfriend for your dog.

Greta will be 2 in March and she is really beautiful. Her pedigree is great, and her parents are both German National Champions. She should have babies!
I wrote to a breeder in New York State who also imports dogs from Germany. They wrote right back and seemed very interested in breeding Greta to one of their males, and then picking a puppy out after.
Then this morning, I got a letter back. I’m not exactly sure if they are rejecting Greta or if they just think this other breeder they suggested, (who is closer to us) may need to expand their gene pool with the spawn of my pup. I will need to call them today and speak with them.
So in the night I was trying to get back to sleep after reading their e-mail, with thoughts of breeding dogs in my head.

I simply must get a life!

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