This Is War

I stepped on the scale this morning! Eeeeeek! Let’s just say it was a very Merry Christmas!
I knew yesterday when I slipped (pulled on using cooking oil) my skiing pants. I zipped them up and could feel the threads all pulling against me. At one point I had to unzip so I could tuck in my shirt and I swear I heard the zipper heave a huge sigh of relief!
I guess I did overdue with my eating. (understatement) It’s just that I love all those foods that seem only to appear during the holidays. Eggnog, (it’s not just for breakfast anymore) chocolates, cookies, and desserts at every meal, snack and tea time.
I’m frustrated. This weight gain means one thing. War! I’ve got to pull out the heavy artillery. Chicken, turkey, fish, and lots of salads, and the big guns. Yes EXERCISE! I just hate that!
It’s not so much that I actually hate to move around, but what I really hate is the sweat! That cold trickle of wetness that covers your whole body, I just hate that, but at this point, there is nothing left for me to do.
Celery anyone?

2 thoughts on “This Is War”

  1. You are so funny with a subject that I know you are serious about. LOL when I read this. But really good luck with the war ahead, it is a battle and you are not alone, thousands of people have to wage that war especially now after the holidays. Love Ya!

  2. Thought you might be interested in joining this:

    I just did 😉

    Course, so far this is what I’ve had to eat today:


    a slice of teabread
    a handful of raw almonds


    salad (romaine, red pepper, sunflower seeds, raisins, feta cheese, 4 croutons, pepper, balsamic vinegar & a bit of oil)
    1/8 cup of tuna salad & 1/4 piece of pita bread
    small soup (pasta, veggies & 3 small meatballs)


    4 oreos
    1 snack size bag of doritos
    couple more handfuls of raw almonds

    I think I’ll have sleep for dinner 😉

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