Apres’ Ski

When I woke up this morning the first thing that hit me was a stinging pain in my left eye. I got up and rinsed it out and then got Hubby up and we got ready to go skiing. It was cloudy and cold, but we thought what the heck, might as well go. So, I threw in a pack of cold cuts and cheese for me and off we went. We stopped briefly at McDonald’s so Hubby could get a breakfast, and then headed to Waterville Valley.
Usually on a Monday morning it is pretty quiet, but because it was a holiday, the parking lots were full! We found a spot to park and headed into the lodge to get ready.
Today was the first day I wore my ski helmet. It’s comfortable, but there is this odd thing. The wind whistles around the ear openings on the helmet making a strange noise. It was sort of funny.
Now here is my great news of the day. First I really detest impolite skiers. You know, the ones who ski way too close to you and nearly knock you down? There were plenty of them there today. I observed these three snow boarders nearly knock someone over then they skied up to a closed trail and skied under the rope. Just then a ski cat came up, a man jumped out of the drivers seat and apprehended them. HA! Finally Divine Justice!
We skied over to one of the most challenging slopes called Gema and I was about half way down when I started sweating, shaking and not thinking straight. I knew immediately it was low blood sugar from me not eating a correct breakfast. I got down and met up with Hubby and told him how I was feeling. We skied down to the lodge where he got me a regular hot chocolate and peanut butter crackers to stabilize the blood sugar. Then as I lamented about feeling shaky on the slopes he joked, “So what else is new?”
We skied a little more after that, but I was feeling tired and the slopes were so crowded that we gave up after 7 runs and came home.
My eye is still sore, and I’ve put some gel into it to coat the surface. I made myself a nice chef salad and so that is helping to make me feel more like myself.
Now it’s time to take down the Christmas decorations and get the boxes packed again for another year.

5 thoughts on “Apres’ Ski”

  1. I took down the inside decorations on Friday but I am slowly doing the outside ones. I haven’t done the ones on the balcony yet. Its rainy and ugly and I’m not sure that darn thing will hold….Hope you get to feeling better…

  2. We took down our decos on the 27th and now our loungeroom looks woefully bare and neglected.

    What happened with your eye, btw?

    You’re so lucky to be able to go skiing. Myself? I am far too clumsy to even attempt it, but I’d love to learn how to snowboard. (I figure since I used to skateboard pretty well, I *should* be able to snowboard…although I can’t surf for the life of me.)

  3. I give you A LOT of credit for skiing after the problems with your eye. I don’t even know if I’d rough the skiing that well, with 2 good working eyes.:(

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