Thursday Thirteen

Scav Sat

I’m starting to make up lists and recipes for our Thanksgiving. Which is really amusing, as there will just be the two of us. However, I take my job as chef seriously, and so I plan out each and every detail before hand. So far, here is the menu.

  1. Turkey. I have a ten pound young turkey for the big day. I’ll use butter to rub it down and then sea salt and pepper to season it.
  2. Stuffing. Usually I make a chestnut dressing, but this year I asked Hubby what he wanted and he asked for a sage stuffing like his mom used to make. It’s fairly simple, but delicious.
  3. Gravy. I make my own pan gravy. Yum!
  4. Yukon Gold mashed potatoes. I love their slightly yellow tinge and sweet flavor. What a great mashing potato!
  5. Green beans. They are flash frozen in our freezer from the garden last summer.
  6. Butternut squash. I cooked all my squash from the garden, cooked it up and then mashed it, seasoned it with butter, brown sugar and cinnamon, and then froze it.
  7. Cranberry sauce. I’m not sure if I will make a cranberry/orange relish or just use normal cranberry.
  8. A relish tray with olives and pickle relish.
  9. Apple cider.
  10. Champagne.
  11. Homemade apple pie.
  12. Classic vanilla ice cream.
  13. Alka Seltzer! (lol)

3 thoughts on “Thursday Thirteen”

  1. With that menu, if I weren’t working n Thanksgiving, but I am, I would be hopping a plane to join you for dinner. lol Sounds great.

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