Happy December First!

Okay, so where has this year gone? Suddenly it’s December first and I know from years of experience, that this month is going to fly by. It always does.

I need to finish my Christmas shopping in the next two weeks, as I hate being a last minute shopper.

My Dad was a last minute shopper. Literally! He would go out to a convenience store on Christmas morning and buy these odd little gifts for us. Puzzle books, silly toys or magazines, and boxes of life savers. Mom did the heavy pulling of gift giving from them, but Dad always gave each of us his gifts, and looking back now, I smile at the memory!

My daughter, Mandy is born this month too. She kind of got ripped off by being born December 20th. But for me, it was one of the happiest days of my life!

It’s also Arnie & Anneliese’s 7th birthday. Can you believe that! My babies are so special to me. And now they are all grown up!

Today also starts my cruise countdown. Thirty-nine days until my cruise departs! Yahoo!!!

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