I Need A Vacation

From our cabin, we could see the bridge of the ship. There was always so much happening when we anchored off shore, or docked at an island. Yes, the bridge got very busy!

January 11 14 036

There were times it was nearly empty, and I wondered who was watching things. But then, todays ships are so modern they have all the bells and whistles.

On our ship, it was commanded by a Commodore Giuseppe Romano. This means he is a senior captain. I met him twice and saw him on the ship a few times. He seemed a nice enough man.

I sure liked the crew members that we dealt with. Our Cabin Steward, the waiters at our table and the breakfast crew.

I’m still working on getting my land legs! What is it they say? I need a vacation from my vacation!

One thought on “I Need A Vacation”

  1. I would love to head somewhere where it is nice and warm right about now. I hope you feel better fast! Love YOU, Mel

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